My Prayer for Healing

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I want to share with you a prayer for healing I wrote when I was suffering from a mysterious knee injury that would not heal. I did not know if I would be able to live without pain, bend my knee, or walk without crutches again. Take these words and make them your own for your own life’s pain, whether physical or spiritual. Let’s pray them together.

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My dear Heavenly Father,

I come before you today broken and ailing.  You know my pain and you know its cause. 

I pray for my heart and mind and soul during this time of uncertainty.  Lord, I pray that I will seek you out as my Comforter and my Healer.  I pray that you will show me your love and point me to you.  I pray that I will be diligent in my prayers to you.  Lord, I need to be aware of your presence now more than ever. 

I pray for all of those who hear my story.  I pray that they would be compassionate and that I wouldn’t be complaining.  Help me be more thoughtful about my communication.  Lord, let me point to you with my words.   

I pray that someday soon I will be able to walk fully again and without aid.  Lord, I long for the day when I can delight in running again. 

Lord, I plead with you to show me your love.  Work for the good in me, for I love you.  I pray for healing.  I pray for a solution to my pain.  I pray for an end to this period of pain and disability.  Lord, I pray that you will be with me.  Lord, I pray that you will comfort me.  Lord, I pray that you will heal me.  Stand beside me and help me through this.  You know I love you.  You know I seek you.  Lord, you are my all.  Grant me rest.

Lord, I thank you for Jesus who knows extreme pain.  I pray that I will seek solace in knowing that his pain was suffered on my behalf.  Lord, I do not have a god who knows no pain, but You have experienced and suffered just as I do now.  Lord, I thank you for the cross.  I thank you for Jesus. 

In His precious name I pray,


(God has answered this prayer for me in my life.  Praise God! I really do believe in his power to heal us physically.)

In which area of your life do you need healing? Do you struggle to believe that God can really heal?

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11 thoughts on “My Prayer for Healing

  1. So, glad He heard your cries to Him and He healed you. I know those were very tough times for you. We are so glad you can run again. Praise the Lord. It is so good to look back to see where He has been faithful in our lives.

  2. I need prayer for neck pain that won’t go away after about 2 days. I have taken pain pills, talk to my doctor, tried ointments, and hot and cold packs. I want relief from this before Christmas in the name of Jesus. Please pray for me for healing.

    Always in His Care,


  3. Hi, I too question power of prayer, especially for healing. Most people thanked God for being healed, but what if He chooses not to heal but take away? Do many thank God for taking away loved ones in disasters, accidents, illness?

    How did you know God is the one who healed your knee?

    Thank you.

  4. Your prayer is beautiful. I noticed you posted it on my birthday two years ago. I have had lots of spinal surgeries and recently had a pain pump put in, its been the toughest surgery of my life (after 15 of them), I had to be intibated twice during the surgery and ended up in critical ICU fighting for my life, severe breathing problems and the pain is MUCH worse then its ever been, totally unbearable at this time. I have alot of problems with walking now and its definately brought me to my knees in tears. I know that God is the answer and I pray all the time. I would like to share your prayer and I thank you for sharing it. May God Bless You!!

    • Thank you Michelle. I am sorry to hear of your circumstances and continued health issues. I know how hard it can be, although I’ve never expereinced anything quite to the same extent! I will say a prayer for your continued healing. Hang in there and keep praying for wisdom, guidance, and healing.

  5. Your prayer is beautiful and I will pray that prayer each day and thank God for him healing you and other people, I hope I can be healed, I had many spinal surgeries and now again my fusions are weak and giving me pain again after my neck surgery around 10 years ago. I had 3 spinal surgeries and 2 hip replacements starting around age 50, now I’m 62 and its happening again. Please give me strength to carry on Jesus and heal my pain so I can be a better christen with my family and friends because of my pain, I’m just not the same and I try so hard not to complain but my family and friends see it in my face and I don’t want them to feel bad and suffer because of me and they do because they hate seeing me this way.