Living Above the Wellness Line

How to Be Healthy So That You Can Enjoy Life's Greatest Moments

David Miller, M.Div., is a preacher, writer, blogger, fundraiser, and a priest in the Episcopal Church. He is a devoted husband, loving father, and great man of faith (in progress).

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“Am I healthy?” In today’s world it seems we’re too busy to stop and ask ourselves this important question. On the other hand, it’s a question that seems to preoccupy a lot of us. Just think of all the health and wellness blogs, websites, advertisements, and research articles that are written on the subjects of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Today, grocery stores and restaurants have certainly picked up on the trend to provide healthier foods. The next time you go to the store notice how many labels say, “no artificial flavors,” “organic,” “all natural,” or “Non-GMO.”

The fact that we’re looking for health in various facets of life means that we’ve perceived the truth about ourselves. The truth is we’re all, in someway or another, unhealthy. We seek health because we need it, and the wonderful thing about seeking is that you eventually find what you’re looking for if you don’t give up.

My wife, Keeley, is keenly interested in wellness—mind, body, and spirit—except when she’s eating Skittles. 🙂 About a year ago she was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils. I think she’d heard of them before, but this time she decided to give them a try, and so she purchased a Premium Starter Kit.

I didn’t think much of the oils when she first brought them home except that they mostly had a pleasant aroma. She told me about some of the physical, emotional, and even spiritual benefits of using the oils. I listened and started using frankincense when she told me that it would be good for promoting emotional well-being. Something I’d recently began lacking.

I began applying frankincense while breathing deeply and releasing to God the things in my life that were keeping me from relaxing or being calm. I also began diffusing lavender before I got in bed for the night. The change was immediate. I began sleeping soundly and through the night. I didn’t know how it worked, I’m still not completely sure how it all works scientifically and biologically, all I know is that it does indeed work.

There are so many different ways to use Young Living Essential Oils. Since I’ve begun working with them, I have had a huge support to my wellness. The changes of the seasons no longer affects me like it used to, knocking me out.  It’s been an entire year of health—a new and welcome experience for me! My body’s natural response to irritation and injury has improved so much, it’s amazing! I’m even using the oils to support normal, overall cardiovascular health and function.

Keeley is also using the different products that Young Living offers. She’s replaced the harsh household chemicals found in detergents, cleaning supplies, and fabric softeners—some of the most dangerous chemicals in our homes—with Young Living’s natural and pure oil-based products. We’re also using their soap and toothpaste line, and Keeley recently gave me Shutran Beard Oil. It’s working great to keep my facial hair healthy.

We’re having a great experience with Young Living. We believe that it’s giving our whole family a greater degree of health—mind, body, and soul. And it’s presented Keeley and me with a business opportunity that we know is going to lead to financial freedom! (Check out Young Living’s Income Disclosure Statement.)

I don’t think Young Living is the answer for every health or financial issue. And I’m making needed changes in other areas of my life to achieve a greater degree of health. God uses all kinds of things to bring us to a place of wholeness. I believe Young Living is one of those ways. I believe God has sent this into our lives to bless us and to lead us into a better future. And we’re by no means the only people who are saying this about Young Living.


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David Miller, M.Div., is a preacher, writer, blogger, fundraiser, and a priest in the Episcopal Church. He is a devoted husband, loving father, and great man of faith (in progress).

Young Living's Premium Starter Kit

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