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My name is Keeley Chorn (pronounced: Kee-lee Corn).
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This is my personal blog discussing life, faith, cultures, missions, and God’s word.  I write about the world around me and how my faith shapes my worldview. This blog is intended as a resource for encouragement, conversation, and learning more about the living God. It is also a website where I publish my ministry work, Bible Study talks, and Sermons that I have written and delivered over the years.

My goal is to have a blog with fresh and new content that is engaging and encouraging on a variety of faith topics and to have a source of Bible Study information for people seeking to understand God’s word better. If you are interested in learning how to grow in your faith, or live out your faith, or ask questions about faith, then this blog and website is for you.

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I’m a Christian Ministry Professional in the Reformed Presbyterian tradition.  I am passionate about educating adults, writing, cultures, missions, women in ministry, and people in general.  In 2009, I received my Master of Divinity, with an emphasis in Urban Missions, from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I am currently a Dallas essential oils distributor for Young Living®. I love witnessing the beauty of God’s creation as found in essential oils. The benefits for wellness and health are amazing. I have started this home-based business as a way to stay home with my kids and to earn additional income for our family.

I have just finished working at the Cranmer Institute: A Center for Anglican Studies in Dallas, Texas, as their program director.  I interacted with top biblical scholars and coordinated and promoted our educational programs.

I have worked at Redeemer Seminary in Dallas, Texas, writing a self-study report and gaining accreditation for them. I enjoyed working in the seminary world, being engaged with the faculty, discussing large issues facing the church, and getting to brush up on my Hebrew skills.

I taught a Bible Study to women in their 20s and 30s (check out some of my Bible Studies), and led a small group of women, as well as mentored and met with women regularly. I love to sit and listen to people’s stories and hear how God is at work in their lives or to just listen to their struggles.

Seeing myself as part of God’s global vision, I love cross-cultural outreach and have been learning Spanish since 2010. I have taught ESL to immigrants and refugees in the Dallas area with Vickery Meadow Learning Center. I love to travel, often going on short-term mission trips to diverse countries, such as: Peru, Indonesia, East Asia, Mexico, and Kenya, or on language learning trips to Oaxaca, Mexico.

Prior to my calling to full-time ministry, I was a software developer for a large investment bank in New York City.  I received my Bachelor of Science, with a double major in Mathematics and Computer Science, from Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC.

I currently live in Dallas, Texas, with my husband David Miller, who is an ordained priest in the Episcopal Church, and our two sons.


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  1. Buddy,
    you chose a wonderful home.
    Keep David and Keeley on their knees, & guessing what you are “Up to!”

    love you 3!

    • Thanks Harriet. You are too sweet. Buddy actually was reunited with his owners today. Although, I did tell him if he’s going to run away again to come back over here. I’ve actually shed a few tears as I’m already missing him, and he was only here for 4 days. Watch out! (Read about Buddy’s Unexpected Visit.)