To Succeed We’ve Got To Change

Life is not perfect just because you believe in God. No matter who we are, we’re going to face challenges and tough times, and nothing is going to shield us from the hardships, missteps, bad decisions, and sudden changes of life. Change is difficult and we never know when our lives are about to change. […]

Energy Never Tasted So Good!

How to perk up so that you don't have to walk through life like a zombie

Your “to do” list! Does it make you tired just thinking about it? If you’re like most people you could use more energy throughout the day. How else can we explain drinking that fifth cup of coffee, or fourth energy drink of the day? But what if I were to tell you there is a better […]

Rediscovering the Past

How to learn from ancient cultures so that you don't screw up the present

Carrying gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, the magi or wise men traveled from a distant country, probably ancient Babylon, to give gifts to the child Jesus. Their gifts represented the three major roles that Jesus fulfilled. The gold represents his authority as king of heaven and earth, the frankincense represents his role as Israel’s decisive […]

Living Without Excuses

How to challenge yourself so that you succeed in every area of life

What is your definition of success? I tend to think having lots of money equals success. It doesn’t. Lots of people have made lots of money, and many of them will tell you that being rich doesn’t make you successful. In fact, a successful person recently spent three days telling me just that.

Living Above the Wellness Line

How to Be Healthy So That You Can Enjoy Life's Greatest Moments

“Am I healthy?” In today’s world it seems we’re too busy to stop and ask ourselves this important question. On the other hand, it’s a question that seems to preoccupy a lot of us. Just think of all the health and wellness blogs, websites, advertisements, and research articles that are written on the subjects of […]

Who Does He Think He Is?

“What are they saying about me?” It’s a question we’re all preoccupied with, isn’t it? Even Jesus asked his disciples, “Who do men say that I am?” (Mark 8:27). Apparently, he was curious to know what people were saying about him. His disciples told him that people thought he was another prophet in the long […]

Into Great Silence

“QUIET!” Do you ever feel like screaming for some peace and quiet? Perhaps you have actually done so. Silence is hard to come by in the modern world. Planes, trains, automobiles, televisions, and smart phones are just a few of the modern technologies that fill our world with noise.     There’s so much noise, […]

What You Need to Do to Prepare for Lent

Ashes to Ashes

Ok, being an Episcopal priest doesn’t exempt me from irreverence. For the past five years I’ve been the priest at my parish’s 7:15am Ash Wednesday service. The Psalm always read at the service is Psalm 103.     Psalm 103:14 reads, “For [God] himself knows whereof we are made; he remembers that we are but […]

Satisfy Your Wonderlust

Looking for something? Whether we know it or not, we all “lust” after the things we want.      Think about the chorus from this song:   Cause we are living in a material world And I am a material girl You know that we are living in a material world And I am a material […]

Chasing Happiness

Admit it. You want to be happy…all the time. Okay, maybe that’s taking it a bit too far. Most of us will settle for happiness 96% of the time. Americans want to be happy. But we’re not the only ones.     “The pursuit of happiness” is a cherished line in our Declaration of Independence, […]