Co-taught with Mary Haberkorn and Kari Stainback

  1. Image of God by Kari- A focus on what a Christian’s true identity is.
  2. Confidence in Christ by Mary- A look at Philippians 3, and what it means to place your confidence in Christ.
  3. Intimacy with God by Kari- What it means to be known intimately by God, with a focus on Psalm 139.
  4. Body Image by Keeley- A look at the false standards our culture teaches us about how to view our bodies, then a look at the true standard God gives us, followed with what it means to have a healthy body image.
  5. Relationships by Keeley- A look at what biblical relationships are meant to be, what hope we have for having biblical relationships, and how to maintain your identity as you relate to others.

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