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  1. Romans 2:17-29: Disconnected Religiosity by Ashley- The Roman Jews were just going through the motions of religious practice, relying on outward symbols of faith, like circumcision, rather than inward faith.
  2. Romans 3:9-26, 31: The Gospel by Ashley- Paul tells us that no one is righteous.  A look at the difference of life with “me” at the center versus life with God at the center, and the good news that Christ came to save the lost.
  3. Romans 6:1-14: Believers Are Dead to Sin, Alive to God by Keeley- A look at what Paul means when we says we are dead to sin and alive to God.  There is a focus on how we are united to Christ in his death and resurrection.
  4. Romans 8: The Heights and Depths of God’s Love by Keeley- Romans 8 beautifully describes many of the benefits of being united to Christ and the heights and depths of his love for us. This lesson includes a definition of the theological terms: regeneration, adoption, calling, predestination, sanctification, justification, and glorification.
  5. Romans 9: Election by Ashley- This study looks at God’s justice and the topic of election to salvation.  Different viewpoints are discussed on election.
  6. Romans 12: Discerning Good and Evil by Keeley- A look at how the biblical view of good and evil is different from cultural expectations and ideas.  Paul helps us learn what it means to be wise and to use that wisdom to choose between good and evil.

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