Women in the Bible

Cotaught with Ashley Boone

  1. Mary, the Mother of Jesus by Keeley- An Unexpected Life.  Mary’s life was turned upside down after the angel first told her she was to give birth to Jesus. She how Jesus continued to upturn her expectations for what her life was meant to be.   Jesus showed Mary what true womanhood is meant to be.
  2. Hagar by Ashley- Abram’s Egyptian slave, who bore him Ishmael and who was seen by God.  This study looks at how to gain perspective in life.
  3. Deborah and Jael by Keeley- From the book of Judges, here is a unique story of two women who lead and deliver Israel from their oppressors.  Deborah is a judge, leader, wife, and mother, who guides Israel during the time when they had no king.  Jael is a woman who unconventionally, with a tent peg through a man’s skull, carries out God’s plan of deliverance for the nation. 
  4. Mary and Martha by Ashley- A study at two familiar women from the NT, but from a fresh perspective.  See how Martha’s distractions kept her from seeing and knowing Jesus better.
  5. Lydia and Priscilla by Keeley- A study of two women from the book of Acts.  Both of them were instrumental new believers in the early start of the church.  Lydia opened her heart and home to Paul.  Priscilla learned from Paul, then was trusted to go and train new believers.
  6. The Proverbs 31 Woman by Ashley- A look at the woman described in Proverbs 31.

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