Hear Their Cries

I hear their cries calling out to me. They need our help. I can see the villages burning. The people being sacked, murdered, raped, And pillaged. The Janjaweed on horseback wield their swords On all the people in their path. Arab attacks Black. Muslim against Muslim. No one can stop them. The government lets it […]

Learning About Real Love

Many of the children growing up in the sewage-lined dirt alleyways of African slums will be sexually violated by a relative or married off at a disgustingly young age to support the family. AIDS runs rampant through these slums. In 2004, I had the privilege of visiting the Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya on a […]

Stepping Forward

This past winter has been a fun adventure of stepping forward in growth at our church. As we’ve embarked on our new ministry adventure, we’ve seen a lot of positive changes happening in our church. We began with gathering the young adults who were currently attending or visiting the cathedral. We started with having weekly […]

Encountering Roadblocks

We’ve set out with a mission to reach young adults in our neighborhood with the gospel and to ignite revitalization in the area and church where we are serving. I last wrote about the new adventure we’ve embarked on HERE. Since I wrote, we’ve made some positive steps forward and taken a few back. We’ve been […]

Embarking on a New Adventure

What’s new with me, you might have wondered? This year has been busy and has obviously taken me away from blogging. Between writing a 170-page report for work, stopping my role teaching the Bible Study, and a new ministry initiative, my attention has been diverted. David’s two-year position has just ended and we are embarking […]

Laughter and Reminisces from Indonesia

This past Saturday, after 26 hours of in-air flying time, our team returned from Indonesia. Besides the following funny experiences, our trip was a great time of encouragement, both for us and the locals. 1. In Medan In Medan, we were able to offer several training classes to a local church. First, our team gave […]

Bartering in Jakarta

Missing a flight in a foreign country can prove to be quite an adventure, as we found out in Jakarta this past trip. On our way to our final destination in Indonesia, we got a little culture lesson on how the airlines work. Our connecting time was three hours…no problem, right?  Well, we soon discovered […]

A Cloud of Prayer to Cover Us

Please pray for us as we continue our journey in Indonesia.  We have been here 3 days already, but have some tough work and long days still ahead of us. We have already completed our training in Medan.  There, our team shared about how to resolve conflict in the church.  Then a fellow team member, […]

Returning to Indonesia

I am excited to be returning to Indonesia. With sweltering temperatures and high, high humidity, it shouldn’t feel that much hotter than Dallas. Too bad there’s not much air conditioning though! Over the next few posts, I’ll share with you a little bit more about our trip. But, I won’t be able to go into […]

Encountering a City of Contrasts

Arequipa is a city with two sides: one extremely poor and another bustling and developed.  All we had experienced in Arequipa previous to this trip was the first side of the city.  This year, however, we got to see the other side. Extremely Poor The first side of Arequipa we were introduced to was its […]