Keeley has been blessed to preach at the Cathedral Church of St. Matthew (Episcopal) in Dallas, TX.

Photo Courtesy of St. Matthew's Cathedral

Photo Courtesy of St. Matthew’s Cathedral

  1. The first was for a Good Friday meditative service in 2010. Seven lay persons were invited to reflect for 10 minutes on the last words of Jesus. Keeley’s reflection was on Jesus’ words “Into Your Hands I Commend My Spirit.”
  2. The second was for a regular church worship service on the 4th Sunday in Easter, May 2014. The church was doing a sermon series on “The Tough Ones…,” tough questions with which many believers and non-believers struggle, having clergy and two lay preachers. Keeley was honored to be able to preach on “Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?The Tough Ones…Sermon Series
  3. The third was a short homily delivery during a Home Eucharist service on the feast of Pope Gregory I, Thursday, March 12, 2015. The intimate setting in a home living room provided a level of comfort and ease in talking about how Jesus calls us to be “Servants of God.”
  4. The fourth was for a regular church worship service on the 20th Sunday after Pentecost, October 11, 2015. The church was doing a sermon series on “Explore God,” exploring topics related to questions about God. Keeley was invited to preach on “Is the Bible Reliable?

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