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  1. Revelation: Intro and Vision for the Bible Study by Ashley- This study presents the vision for the Young Women’s Bible Study and reasons why John is writing the book of Revelation.
  2. Revelation: Overview and Ch. 1, Revealing Christ by Keeley- A study focused on Revelation 1 and how it reveals Christ to us.  Learn what names he is given, how he fulfills Daniel’s prophecy of the Son of Man and more.
  3. Revelation 2-3: Letters to Ephesus and Laodicea by Keeley- A look at what lukewarm Christianity really is and how Christ feels about it.  Also looks at different ways of reading the letters to the 7 churches.
  4. Revelation 2-3: Letters to Smyrna and Philadelphia by Ashley- A look at the persecution endured by these churches.
  5. Revelation 2-3: The Letter to Thyatira by Ashley- A study on how Christ feels about tolerance within the church, looking at Jezebel and her Old Testament connection.
  6. Revelation 4-11: Overview, God at the Center by Keeley- A survey of Revelation 4-11, including the throne room of God, an introduction to the cycles of 7 found in the book, the 7 seals, and the 7 trumpets.
  7. Revelation 12-20: Overview by Ashley- A survey of Revelation 12-20, including 7 symbolic histories and figures, the 7 bowls of God’s wrath, Babylon and the church, the final battle, and last judgment.
  8. Revelation 21-22: The New Heavens and Earth by Keeley- A look at new creation, the New Jerusalem, the New Heavens and Earth, and how this affects the way we live our lives right now.

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